He capers, he dances, he has eyes of youth. --Shakespeare / The Merry Wives of Windsor


Capers provides a visual interface to socalled checkers engines, that search a given board for the 'best' move. Use it to play against the computer and to study draughts games from pdn files.

I will, therefore, take occasion to assert that the higher powers of the reflective intellect are more decidedly and more usefully tasked by the unostentatious game of draughts than by all the elaborate frivolity of Chess. --Poe / The Murders in the Rue Morgue.


Its really more an office application than a game: a game would let the user enter a small café, and with the aid of a waiter, sit down at some table, join a game, have a chat, get up, and settle on another table, to play another opponent.

Still, capers tries its best, to give you a pleasant time with Martin Fierz' strong checkers engines. capers is free software: you are invited to share and tinker. if in doubt, see accompanying file COPYING for details on distribution and derivation.


fourth beta (Apr 2005)
Package now includes cake engine!
Download capers-beta4.tar.gz.
third beta (Jan 2005)
Features: play games, save game to pdn, browse games played in this session or read from file, copy/paste games, board editor; archive unpacks as a rox appdir.
Deficiencies: pdn files with more than a couple hundred games are slow to load.
Download capers-beta3.tar.gz.

System requirements

Capers depends on python and gtk, and pygtk, which glues them together, version 2.4 of pygtk at least; naturally, it needs gnome canvas to display the board, and python-ctypes, to talk with the engines.

Debian unstable has everything needed on board. Suse 9.2 users find a pygtk package at Guru's RPM Site and a ctypes package on Rpmfind.

It should work in other linux distributions too, provided the dependencies are met and sufficiently recent. It might also work in Windows, if you manage to collect all the above packages.


You may want to visit Martin Fierz' checkers page http://www.fierz.ch/checkers.htm.

You may enjoy to browse the Open Checkers Archive http://www.h4ns.net/checkers/.

You may also like to check out Bob Newells' pages http://www.bobnewell.net/.

Kcheckers is a program to play the russian version http://www.kcheckers.org.


[screenshot showing middle
of some game from a pdn book]

[screenshot showing middle of
some game and new game with options dialogue]


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