Solar Engine

Restauration des „Elektronischen Tafelbildes“ von Thomas Feuerstein 1993, Elektronischer Teil

Featuring an implementation of the so-called „Solar Engine“ - A circuit that turns on and off power to a device, using a wide hysteresis setting between switching to allow for enough energy to be harvested from a PV-panel even in low light conditions and make the device function for a reasonable duration.

Part A (Voltage Control „Audio Limiter“ by Stachu)
Part B („Solar Engine“ für Super-Cap by Stachu)
[Solar Engine]
Schema Parts A, B (by Stachu)
Ensemble Parts A, B, C
[Ensemble Solar Engine]
Part D (E-Paper mit Pico Pi)
[E-Paper mit Pico Pi]
Spuren Quellcode (by Quehenberger, Hanika, Arton)
Detailansicht Demoinstallation
[Detailansicht Elektronisches Tafelbild]
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